I’m so new to this business of blogging an’ stuff that I have no idea of how to categorise this blog or what else I should do but no doubt I’ll find out in due course.

As the title suggests, I have absolutely no notion of how I came to have the above picture, but bearing in mind two of my books, it is indeed rather a happy accident and so I am content to keep it until I can find out how to change it.

I think you will agree it is a rather beautiful representation of a great hall or ballroom in a stately home and I can just see the ghost of ‘Rosa’ lingering in this room as she recalls the earlier, happier days of her marriage to Henry when they were the hosts for the yearly Christmas Ball for their servants at Longdene Hall. My story ‘Rosa’ was inspired by the many stately homes I have visited over the years and they tend to roll into one in the mind somehow. But I definitely had Blickling Hall, near Aylsham, Norfolk (England) in mind when writing about Longdene, although I’ve put it in a different position in Norfolk.

The picture could just as easily be ‘Castell Glas’ in my book ‘The Hiraeth’; (which is a Welsh word that means a ‘deep longing’) and I can see Gwyneth lovingly polishing and restoring here.

But don’t get the idea that these stories are Barbara Cartland-type romances with princes and dukes, princesses and so on. Oh no, ‘Rosa’ is a psychological thriller; in one reader’s words: ‘parts of it will send shivers down your spine’ as you read how the central character, Elizabeth, is driven to wonder if she is indeed going mad.

‘The Hiraeth’ is an incredible tale about a young girl who gradually finds out about her family that centralises around the beautiful and mysterious ‘Castell Glas’ in North Wales, and is the gentle introduction to it’s rather vicious sequel, ‘Bronwen’s Revenge’, currently being written. Gentle tale it might be, but it has a sting in the tail, as does ‘Rosa’, which hopefully will leave the reader feeling somewhat stunned, or at the very least, surprised at the unexpected conclusions. ‘The Hiraeth’ was inspired by the tragedy of wonderful Gwrych Castle near Abergele, North Wales.

So, thanks very much, WordPress, for inadvertently giving me a very suitable picture for my page.