Short one today folks! Hubby and I are away from home this week and we are staying in a room in which only one of us can be on the internet at a time. As he is marking exams for the exam board, his need is more pressing than mine. But I can’t help being a little miffed because I’d just started getting into this blogging thing, aided by my new friend, Jackie P because I have no more idea of what I’m doing than fly in the air. Therefore, I’m asking my friends to stick with me, even though you won’t see much of me this week, for I really need you. My cries for help are heartfelt and sincere. I have little idea of what it means to customise an stuff but I’ll come back when I can and try some more.

I’ve just read Seaumas’s words of wisdom about hooks, plants and book-endings and what he says is so right (of course) and I am learning so much from all of you.

On the good side of not being able to be on the net, I have more time to actually write – and with few distractions because hubby is busy with his exams.

So, until I can think of something more interesting to say, cheerio  J