My friend, author Wilma Hollander, told me that she was writing a new book called ‘Torn Desire’. As it was quite late in the evening and my eyes were tired, I read it as ‘Tom Desire’. We had a laugh over that, but then I got to thinking about what a character with such a name would be like. I came up with this little story and sent it to Wilma. She liked it so much that she put him in her book as a fictional hero that her main character wrote about in his books. I hope you enjoy it.


Eloise snorted when she saw it on the list. ‘Tom Desire’ – what sort of name is that? Ok, I realize he’s an actor, but even so!’  She could just imagine what an actor with that sort of name would be like. He would be like some of those sitting over there waiting for their auditions. He would be suavely handsome and likely be full of himself; he would expect females to fall over him in excitement – or males, depending on which way he blew…

She eyed the men waiting. They were quite an assortment – there was an Adam Sandler lookalike – he was quite cute. There was another who reminded her of Paul Simon – when he was young of course – and yet another who looked not unlike Alan Rickman – mmmm! They were all hunky and definitely eye candy. They were here to audition for a part in a new period series; they needed someone who could play a romantic rogue…

Eloise jumped as the door crashed open and in rushed something rather odd, or rather someone rather odd. He was well over six feet and walked slightly stooped as very tall people often do. He was exceedingly thin which added to the impression of the tallness. His hair, very dark, thick and wavy was held back in a band as he had obviously been cycling. It looked as if any mother bird would be proud to bed her nestlings in it! He had a bag on his back, his trousers were held in by big green socks and he wore a zipped waterproof jacket. On his way to the desk, he tripped over someone’s foot and lurched forward, knocking magazines and vending cups flying off a table.

“Oh, sorry!” he scrabbled around on the floor picking up the cups and books, knocking his bag into another man waiting as he turned round. “Sorry mate!”

At last he got to the desk, slightly out of breath.

“I hope I’m not too late for the interview, miss.”

“No, not at all. What is your name please?” Eloise checked her list. There was only one name not accounted for – surely not…?

“Tom Desire. And before you ask, it is, unfortunately, my real name!”

Eloise hastily gathered herself and straightened her face.

“Welcome, Mr. Desire. Would you like to take a seat?”

“Um, is there a, um, gents? I need to get sorted out.”

“Over there,” she pointed to a door in the corner.

“Thank you.” He made his way over to the door, narrowly missing the big Cheese plant next to it. Eloise became aware of some quiet sniggers coming from the waiting candidates. She gave them a stony stare and they looked down, clearing their throats and fidgeting like overgrown schoolboys.

When Tom Desire emerged from the corner, Eloise could hardly believe her eyes.  Now devoid of zippered top, green socks and hair band, he looked, in his dark trousers and white polo shirt, open at the neck, rather different from the gangly, clumsy spider that had crashed into the room. He had barely sat down when his name was called. He got up at once and went through to the audition room. Eloise just had to take a peek…

She had to admit, he was amazing. He had a voice that could transport a girl to places she could only dream about. His skill was obvious; the director and producer and others on the casting committee were spellbound. Eloise backed out quietly, a smile playing around her eyes. Mostly likely, the others would not stand a chance!

On his way out, Tom came to the desk. As she looked into his eyes, which held her gaze steadily, she found herself thinking that, whatever the fates were that gave him that name, they were indeed, extremely accurate…