It occurred to me, now I’ve been in Blogland for a few weeks, perhaps I should tell you something about the babies I have out there, just in case you have wondered at all.

Although not the first book I wrote, ‘Rosa’ was the first one I published and is a sort of psychological thriller. Set in an English stately home somewhere in Norfolk, it is the story of how Elizabeth, the granddaughter of Lord Carrington, come to the Hall to live and how she becomes the victim of some very lifelike and extremely distressing ‘dreams’. At the same time, she uncovers, piece by piece, the story behind her great-grandmother Rosa’s mysterious disappearance sixty-odd years previous. And somehow the past catches up with the present to bring this story to its terrifying and surprising conclusion. I love stories with a twist in the tail and this one has just that.

For a while I had the start of this book on ‘Authonomy’ and some of my readers got quite excited and a little ‘hot under the collar’ thinking it was going to be a sexy read. However, I leave that kind of thing to Jackie Collins. This is a paranormal thrillerRosa 1