Cromer church fog Portrait6

‘Bell of Warning’ was actually the second book I wrote. Technically, because it’s only about forty-four thousand words, it is really a novella. I really enjoyed writing this one because it is set in the town where I was born and grew up – Cromer, in Norfolk, England. As I child I was fascinated that there were whole villages that had fallen into the sea and was particularly interested in Shipden because I knew the remains of the old church was situated not far from the end of the pier. When I wanted to write a book set in Cromer, my imagination was fired by thoughts of Shipden and the church whose bell was heard ringing, it is said, on New Year’s Eve, if anyone happened to be around to hear it.

When Kendra came into being, I loved her and her little sister Ane. I purposely picked Anglo-Saxon names for Kendra’s family and those who also featured during the fourteenth century chapters all have meanings to suit their characters. I also liked the idea that our ancestors become our guardian angels when a crisis comes.

I enjoyed revisiting the Cromer of the nineteen sixties, when it was a small town full of beautiful shops and people who knew each other well. Like most other places, it’s much bigger now and half the shops are charity shops or places that sell cheap rubbish. But it is essentially the same.

‘Bell’ is another paranormal story but is not a thriller exactly.