final Tiger

This past week, Hubby and I have been in Chorley. It has been a working week, as we work in our temple there, doing an eight-hour shift every day, starting at 8 a.m. or sometimes 7.30 a.m. depending on what we have been asked to do. We enjoy our week there; it gets us away from home and all the demands upon us when we are at home. We stay in a beautiful room that has all the amenities that we need to cater for ourselves for the week. The peace we feel in the temple is something very special and it helps to fortify us for taking up the reins of our ‘normal’ lives.

Only trouble is, we have limited access to the internet and also Hubby likes more attention from me which means I have little time for writing or trying to promote my books. I realise that if one doesn’t carry on making one’s presence felt, one is very soon out of mind – anyone’s mind! Meanwhile, my little tiger is floundering around cyberspace being totally ignored and getting quite sad about it. All he wants is for someone to notice him and give him some reviews on Amazon. When he gets about twenty reviews, he will be able to cope on his own.

If there are any of my nice blogger friends who would be willing to help my tiger in this way, I will send them a copy of his story to them by email. He would be really thrilled and ever so grateful, as will I be.