This is a group I support. The young man running it is only twenty and he has been trying to feed 20 – 30 poor children for three years with no help from government or other charities. These children don’t ask for much, only to be able to live.


The children of Youth Foundation Uganda Care come from the streets. Some were rejected by parents and abandoned because they are handicapped. Others came from homes with no father or mother or parents who simply could not provide for them.

Many of the children at Youth Foundation Uganda Care have little or no use of their limbs. The deaf have never been taught to communicate. The handicapped and poor children of the low caste system in southern India grow up scorned, despised and uneducated, with no chance for a decent life. Often, they are exploited as street beggars for others to obtain food and money. These are the children Youth Foundation Uganda Care takes in.

These children have little or no access to government aid, education, job training, health care, food, shelter or even hope. By providing clothing, food, medical care, shelter, formal education, vocational training, spiritual sustenance, and…

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