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This is a story which has elements with which many of us can identify. The main character Bobby Sinclair, a talented actress just out of University, is devastated by the suicide of her boyfriend, Joe. She had just finished the relationship and felt his terrible end was her fault. She imagines everyone is blaming her and she also can’t come to terms with the guilt she feels so she decides that never again will she get so involved with anyone to any depth and sets out to be a ‘good time girl’, only having ‘one night stands’ and leaving them, however attracted to them she might be. The only thing that didn’t sit quite right with me was her constant ‘one nighters’ throughout most of the story which covered a few years, although this did get less as the story got closer to the end. However, I do realise that sex with lots of different partners can become addictive.

This rather mercenary attitude leads her into disaster when she becomes involved with a fascinating and compelling character called Michael and she realises eventually that he is actually very dangerous. However, she is now deeply involved and knows she is up to her ears in trouble. She has to get away, but how?

I don’t want to spoil anything for the readers by telling any more of the story. However, I must say that I found it riveting and very hard to put down. I loved that it was set in the 1970s as that was when I was in my twenties; I was able to enjoy the reminders of certain pop stars and other things that pertained to that era.

The author is obviously familiar with both Glasgow and London and describes those places with confidence and ease, helping the reader to ‘see’ the scenes without going into too much heavy description, which I like; I can’t bear large descriptive paragraphs when a story is so interesting – I want to get on with it! I loved Bobbie and understood her; I am sure that most of us have done some pretty stupid stuff when we have made wrong choices or something has happened that was beyond our control although hopefully most of us never found a ‘Michael’.

I also loved that Bobbie had a devoted male friend who did not judge her but was always there to do what he could, in spite of his own relationships.

This has a fast moving storyline and is an absorbing book; I thoroughly recommend it.