Angel Rigley writes lovely books. She has the same attitude as me; if someone says they have enjoyed a book, she keeps on trying. Why not give her a try?

Authory Antics

If I heard that an author had had the fourth book in a series published – besides 3 different novels – I would be very impressed, and want to read the whole lot.

I have many super friends and a marvelous family who buy all my books, love them, and pass them on to their families and friends.One friend said, when I told her that Choices for Jamie had been published, “Oo, my mum will be so thrilled. She keeps asking me when the next book will be out.” This sort of comment spurs me on to continue writing when I feel defeated, and wonder why I bother, when I hardly sell any on the internet. But if I can make at least one person happy, then I’ll keep trying.

Book number 4

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