I am an ordinary person and have not done anything extraordinary (unless you count bringing up six children). I retired from my job as a teaching assistant in a small school in the next town three years ago, earlier than I had expected to retire. To counteract the effects of that, I started to write, encouraged by a friend. After writing a few poems and short stories, I realised that what I really wanted to do was write books. So I wrote one, and then another, and another and another…

‘They’ say you go back to your childhood when you grow older and that’s what I’ve done; I loved to write when I was at school and now I’m doing what I loved to do then and never had time before with my big family. Now I have the time and so I do it.


16 thoughts on “About”

  1. No idea what they’re on about but I spect I’ll find out eventually!


  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for following Jeanette! I am honored you have chosen to do so and look forward to seeing more on your blog as well.


  3. Thanks for following!! I’m honored. When I’m done with my book proposal, if you still haven’t pressed “send”, maybe we can synchronize our schedule to both press “send” at the same time!

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    • It’s a nice thought, Teresa, but I’ve already self-published three books and about to do another one. Anyway, I’m still full of the doubts listed on your blog; I’m sure no agent would look at me!


  4. Welcome to blogland, lovely to meet you! (Popping over from your guest post on To Breathe is to Write.) We are alike in that I am newly retired & fairly young (I retired at 52) and now have time to write. Unlike you, I have not published anything yet…am just getting started on my first novel.


    • Hello Nita, I’m so pleased to meet you. To write is wonderful, trying to sell is not! However, as I had no intention of publishing when I started writing and it was only a friend persuading me that made me take the plunge. I will pop over and see what you are up to now I have your connection.


  5. jean-paul said:

    Dear Jeanette,, Have any of your books been translated into French? As a translator, I’d be interested in producing a French version. I will give your more details (on a private email address) and background information if you are interested.


  6. jean-paul said:

    Thank you for your prompt reply, Jeanette. I am not offering you my translation services since I would only be translating for a French publisher, unless commissioned by a UK publisher.
    I will give more details if you like (preferably not on the blog )


  7. jean-paul said:

    it is not ruled out at all. A French sample (free of charge) might well interest (a) French publisher(s). I’d send it to them . Think it’s worth a try considering the very positive reviews on your book.


  8. jean-paul said:

    Have you thought of contacting AmazonCrossing ? (I am on their team of translators)
    Let me know if you’d like me to bring your books to the notice of their newly appointed operations manager.


  9. Hello,

    I looked at your book and I really liked its blurb very much. It seems that yours is a very high quality book. If you are interested in promoting your book in order to get more reviews and sales, please email me at pluxedo AT gmail.com for samples and screenshots of my past work.


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